Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to argue* with Mormons

*Discuss, debate, converse from opposing sides, not necessarily in an aggressive manner.

Note: These guidelines are not necessary for all Mormons—just the Mormons who give the rest a bad name by being narrow minded and illogical.

Don't swear.
Swearing sets you apart as the "other," the "them" in "us vs. them."  A totally faithful, active member would not "degrade" his- or herself by swearing, so you lose your credibility.  Your swears are also a distraction that the person can pounce on and chide you for (i.e. they can comment on your bad choice of swearing and then ignore any argument that contained the swears).

Don't make fun/light of subjects considered sacred.
This will get you labeled as anti-Mormon and you will be ignored.  Nothing you say will be listened to.

Be polite, not sarcastic.
If you are not respectful toward their beliefs, you will also be labeled as anti-Mormon and lacking understanding.  You will be considered ignorant and perhaps a tool of Satan.

Stay on topic.
Don't give them opportunity to get off topic themselves by mentioning something that is irrelevant that they can latch onto.  They, and all people who do not use logic to discuss, love an opportunity to ignore your actual valid points by paying attention to a distraction.


  1. I must say that I love these guidelines! Especially considering the note before them ;)

  2. :) I considered having a less inflammatory title...I thought the disclaimer was necessary at any rate.